5 Design Tips to Elevate Your Home Office in 2022

You’ll be surprised how much more productive you can feel after a few simple changes in the way you work! Remember to take time when designing your home office so it has some personality and reflects who are as an individual. When you ‘step into’ your home office space it’s important for it to feel different from the rest of your house to create that feeling of ‘going to work’. Having an inspiring space to work in is key to getting the most from your day. That means you can inject more colour and vibrancy into the space to make it feel more inspiring and uplifting. Fragrance is an important part of my life and one which helps my mental wellbeing, helps me stay focused and relaxes me. I use natural essential oil aromatherapy candles to help boost my mood while working, something you could just never do in an open office.

What is a good home office design?

A home office should be designed to be a functional space for everyday tasks. First of all, you need enough room for your laptop or any other devices your work requires. The rest is a matter of your individual project and whatever you find suitable.

It is probably worth considering building your garden room with a flat roof to guarantee the best use of the space. Hardwearing engineered wood flooring or laminate flooring are both good options when designing a home office. If you do want to add interest to the room with a rug or runner, choose one that is smooth in texture and dense in pile. If the room doubles as a bedroom, a blackout curtain that can be pulled over at night will ensure a restful sleep. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite home office window ideas, so head over there for more practical advice and inspiration. You may find that bespoke furniture is the best solution to creating a workspace that maximizes the available space.

Adding in Small Decor Accents to your Home Office

Use a power strip hidden by the back of your desk to plug electronics in, or use a cord cable that wraps around several cords to avoid the spaghetti look. Use cord clips to keep loose charging cords accessible without running across your workspace. This Scandinavian style home office has gone all out botanical with leafy print wallpaper, artwork and accent cushion.

Small Office Design Ideas for Every Kind of Work-from-Home Setup – Better Homes & Gardens

Small Office Design Ideas for Every Kind of Work-from-Home Setup.

Posted: Mon, 13 Jun 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Lastly, I think a comfortable, and stylish, chair is an absolute must. This could even a screen divider which double up as a pinboard. The key to success whether you work from home full-time, or only occasionally or on weekends, is to make sure your the space is as conducive to productivity as possible. That means having the right furniture, a comfortable chair and the right desk are a must. Good lighting is also essential, and the right decor and accessories are also necessary to ensure that the space is somewhere you enjoy spending time. Get inspired and DIY or let our design experts let you recreate the design for your home. Whether you are looking to just rearrange your home office, spruce up your home office decor, or give your home office a whole new look, our home office design ideas are here for you!

Design Your Ideal Home Office

You can use a tool like Pinterest, Miro, or Canva to collect images and create your board. Whether it’s a favourite old photograph, mug or any precious gift, adding accessories to your desk can set you on a positive mood. It’s a lovely inspiration and a reminder to keep moving forward. Old stuff like empty jars, old plates or paper can turn into beautiful desk accessories. Since home offices are such functional spaces, standard décor can feel out of place.

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Soften harsh light with a lampshade to set the mood and, if space is at a premium, pendant lighting is a good way to illuminate a room without cluttering it. You could even store your desk and computer inside a large cupboard or closet and just pull a chair up when you need to work. Having creative artwork on the wall in front of you rather than just a blank wall, or even motivational home office tips quotes, to help inspire you when your productivity is waning – keeping you in that creative headspace. To create a truly inspiring workspace, it is however important not just to tick the must-have necessity boxes like good lighting and an ergonomic desk and chair. Don’t forget to invest in some practical storage solutions to help you keep organised and hide any distracting clutter.

A double-duty small space

I select energising fragrances when I know my task requires concentration through to warmer woody and spicy fragrances when I’m working in the evenings. Connecting all our senses to nature, including smell is a much overlooked design technique and one which really boosts our general wellbeing. In terms of what makes an inspired home office set up, for me its having the home comforts that I wouldn’t really be able to have in an office space. So things like I can have my favourite music playing, I often have candles burning which creates a nice relaxed vibe too. And then as I have a separate room to work in, I can have my favourite prints or quotes on the wall, foliage in vases – all the little homely touches that you don’t get in an office. Storage.It sounds obvious but a home office needs good storage, both open and closed. Thoroughly clean and paint, wallpaper, add floor coverings, hang light fixtures, etc. before bringing anything into the new space.

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